I am sad to say that Crohnology is saying goodbye. I want to thank every one of you with Crohn’s & Colitis who put your time and energy into making Crohnology what it was. For believing in what we could create together. For helping share your experience living with this condition with other patients, so that they could have their patient journey maybe be just a little bit easier than how you had it. We had big dreams and even bigger hopes. My hope now is that what we did together inspires you take this idea—the idea of technologically empowered patients networking to do research together—and have it live on in new, bigger, and longer-lasting ways. - Sean Ahrens

Our journey lives on in work at IBDPartners.org.

And in the hearts and minds of Open Humans.

That’s all for now. But I hope we will be in touch to do something great together again, another day.